Best Car Pressure Washer

How do you clean your car and still have fun while doing it? You have to use the best car pressure washer to save time, energy, and water.

Having fun while cleaning means the car pressure washer has variable pressure and water flow settings that you can apply with ease while going over and around your car.

Car Pressure Washer Reviews

AR Blue Clean 1900 PSI

AnnoviReverberi manufactured this electric pressure washer operating at 1900psi for quickly cleaning of cars, ATVs, and other vehicles. It operates quieter than gas-powered pressure washers. It uses 80% less water at 40% more power. read more

Best Car Carpet Cleaner

How do you clean your car carpet? Using the best car carpet cleaner will definitely keep you focused on driving rather than worrying about carpet cleaning.

In foam or spray form, you still need to match the car carpet cleaner to the type of carpet you use. While vacuuming minimizes visible dirt, choose the carpet cleaner that takes away stains and microbes while staying environment-friendly.

Car Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Hoover AH30330

This carpet cleaner + deodorizer manufactured by Hoover comes with twice the concentration  of active ingredients compared to regular cleaners. This biodegradable and non-toxic cleaner can be used for car interiors and various rugs and carpets. read more

Best Garage Workbench

How do you keep your garage workspace clutter free? Having the best garage workbench may just be the solution to your concerns with regards to workspace organization.

Whether you build your own workbench or buy it pre-built, you will want it to be made of durable material. Adjustable leg heights, lighting options, and tool-attachment points should keep you working safely and efficiently.

Garage Workbench Reviews

Keter 17182239 Folding Workbench

This folding work table designed by Keter is portable and suitable for all purposes. It is lightweight andcan hold up to 1000 pounds. It comes with 2 removable 12-inch clamps. read more

Best Car Covers

How do you protect your car while it is parked? Using only the best car covers will let you walk away with confidence knowing that your car is safe.

Protection from heat, UV radiation, and extreme weather defines the choice for fabric-type and even color for car covers. How fast you can put the covers on and off may also be the lynch pin before buying.

Car Covers Reviews

Budge Lite

This polypropylene car cover from Budge features double-stitched seams that ensure long-lasting durability. The full elastic hem secures this car cover over vehicle. It is available in semi-custom fit. read more

Best LED Headlights

Thinking of the long drives and dark nights ahead simply makes you want to have brighter driving lights. The best LED headlights easily brighten your way for less wattage.

Ideal LED headlights will need to be extremely weather-proof. They should be durable and will last for at least 30,000 hours. They should also create the least amount of internal heat.

LED Headlights Reviews

OPT7 LED Headlight Bulbs

From OPT7 comes an LED headlight emitting clear white 6000K light at 3,500LMS per bulb. It uses Arc-Beam and CREE MK_R LED technology for clear, spot-free and no-fog lighting. read more

Best Jumper Cables

Even cars need the occasional jump-start. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead by the curb without the best jumper cables to hook on to and restart!

Go for that 16-foot, well-insulated, tangle-free cable. Check for well-toothed alligator clamps bundled with a nice carry-case and you will have lesser worries besides flagging someone down for a jump-start.

Jumper Cables Reviews

Energizer 25-foot 800A

The jumper cable set from Energizer is 25ft long and can charge side terminal batteries. They features professional-quality clamps that prevent them from slipping from the terminals during charging. read more

Best Engine Degreaser

How do you clean the engine without having to snag your fingers in every greasy nook and cranny? Use the best engine degreaser and rediscover that squeaky clean machine.

Foam or gel, you will want the engine degreaser to be easy to wash off without having to scrub it off. This means no acid-burns after the spray-application.

Engine Degreaser Reviews

Grand Slam – One Gallon

This versatile degreaser from Grand Slam can be used not only on engines, but also surfaces like floors. It won’t hurt painted surfaces and can be easily washed off.

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Best Jack Stands

How do you make sure you are safe from getting crushed under your jack-raised car? Use the best jack stands for that safe and hesitation-free under-carriage servicing.

Besides making sure that the jack stand is rated to lift more than the weight of your car, it must be corrosion-proof and has double-pin locking for that reliable catch.

Jack Stands Reviews

Torin T46002A

This pair of jack stands from Torin can support up to six tons and feature a self-locking ratchet handle for safety, while the wide-set feet provide stability.

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Best Wheel Cleaner

How do you clean your wheels without scratching your rims or breaking your arms? Use the best wheel cleaner that will make your wheels and rims gleam!

You will appreciate the hose-off wheel cleaner even if you will want to soft brush those nooks that soak longer in grime. Go for the acid-free, environment-friendly formulation and save yourself from noxious odors.

Wheel Cleaner Reviews

CarGuys Wheel Cleaner

This wheel cleaner from CarGuys cleans corrosive grime from your wheels with no scrubbing, just rinse off afterwards. And it is safe to use on every type of wheel. read more

Best Trim Restorer

What do you do with the aging and worn car trims? Polish with the best trim restorer and get back that showroom-look for another year or two.

A trim restorer should not only coat against future bleaching but also protects against UV exposure damage. Durability should mean having to restore only after a year.

Trim Restorer (For Cars) Reviews

Detail King Black Trim Kote

This trim restorer from Detail King works with plastic surfaces and restores shine for up to two years. The thick solution lets you use just one coat for maximum restoration.

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