Best GPS (Navigation System) For Cars

How do you manage driving on unfamiliar streets without 4G or WIFI? Get the best GPS for cars. It will literally let you ‘see’ what is up ahead.

GPS should be able to check traffic updates, remind on speed limits, and navigate via touch and voice commands. You should be able to integrate it with your portable devices.

GPS (Navigation System) For Cars Reviews

Garmin Nuvi 65LMT

Garmin manufactures this GPS navigation system with a Lane Assist and Junction view features. It helps navigate complex interchanges. It has the Garmin Real Voice for turn-by-turn directions. read more

Best Windshield Wipers

How are windshield wipers become life-saving devices? The best windshield wipers help keep optimum windshield clarity and road visibility while driving under a variety of weather conditions.

The type of windshield wiper assemblies needs to be perfectly suited for your car. They should be durable and easy enough to install even in bad weather.

Windshield Wipers Reviews

Bosch 24A ICON

These bracket less wiper blades are manufactured by Bosch. Absence of hinges or brackets creates improved performance and design. Pressure is distributed more uniformly along the entire blade length. read more

Best Torque Wrench

Ever had to tighten a square drive with a pair of pliers? Use only the best torque wrench for the matching square head and save yourself the trouble of loose fasteners.

Tight spaces will definitely require the ratchet-type torque wrench. Having a set of drive head adaptors makes the variable-drive torque wrench able to turn even the smallest square head.

Torque Wrench Reviews

TEKTON 24335 1/2-Inch Drive Click

Tekton created this torque wrench with a dual-range, high-contrast scale. You can hear and feel a click upon reaching the preset value. The head drivers are reversible in both directions. read more

Best Brake Pads

What is the second most-important feature of any good car? It is how fast it can safely stop. Having the best brake pads is the start of safe driving habits.

Choose only those brake pads that rate little-to-no ‘brake fade’ even in extreme weather, scores minimal rotor-wear,  and brakes ‘quietly’ even without having to ‘brake in’ these new pads.

Brake Pads Reviews

Bosch BP537 QuietCast

Bosch used dedicated engineering in creating this brake pad set. It uses NAO-specific materials for excellent stopping power with quiet operation. A molded shim technology protects the shim attachment. read more

Best Antifreeze (And Coolants)

How do you make sure your car keeps its cool? Or its flow during freezing weather? You feed your car with the best antifreeze (and coolants) it can guzzle!

Apart from having extreme operating temperature tolerances, you will want to make sure that the antifreeze is safe for your car engine-type while staying environment-friendly and non-toxic.

Antifreeze (And Coolants) Reviews

Zerex ZXGO51 G-05 Antifreeze

This antifreeze manufactured by Zerex provides protection for up to 150,000 miles (or 5 years). This is approved for use in Chrysler/Daimier and Ford. This product has low-pH, phosphate-free and low-silicate formula. read more

Best Air Filter Car

How much clean air does your car engine needs to perform well? The best car air filter will let your engine take in as much clean air as it needs.

Durability goes together with filter efficiency. The type of air filter (whether it is made of paper, foam, or cotton gauze) will have to match to your engine-type.

Air Filter Car Reviews

EPAuto CP134

This air filter effectively produces fresh, clean air in the car. Its active ingredients are activated carbon and soda. This is made for Honda and Acura, but you might have to do a little trimming to fit them in. read more

Best Synthetic Oil

How does your car engine going to survive the extreme heat produced while driving? The best synthetic oil will keep your engine running longer, safer, and cleaner.

Synthetic oil gives your engine that consistent lubricant viscosity while keeping it free of metal shavings and other debris. You will not even have to change oil every three months.

Synthetic Oil Reviews

Mobil 1

The Mobil 1 European formula synthetic oil is particularly effective at cleaning engines encrusted with grime. You can expect the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and overall performance to be several notches better. read more

Best Windshield Washer Fluid

Water has never been ideal for your windshield wash. How do you clean up that windshield grime while driving? The best windshield washer fluid will help keep your views clear even in freezing weather.

Windshield washer fluid comes as a concentrate or ready-to-pour. When used properly, it will dissolve most grime, prevent windshield icing, and let you see where you are driving.

Windshield Washer Fluid Reviews

Prestone AllSeason Windshield Washer Fluid

Prestone AS259 easily and quickly cleans out traces of squashed insects and grime on the windshield. You’ll love it in winter because it “melts” off the frost from the glass. It’s definitely useful in any season. read more

Best Battery Tester

How do you check for your car’s battery health? Having the best battery tester at hand can be very useful in preventing road-side mishaps due to battery failure.

The ideal car battery tester should accurately diagnose the remaining charge-carrying capacity of the battery and digitally show the current charge level. It should also be portable.

Battery Tester Reviews

INNOVA 3721 Battery and Charging System Monitor

The INNOVA battery monitor is very easy and safe to use. Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter, and the LCD display will show the readout. It is only compatible with negative ground vehicles. read more

Best Car Charger

How often do you find yourself needing to charge your mobile phone while driving? Use the best car charger and you are never too far from a power source.

A car charger must be able to ‘fast charge’ while keeping a constant applicable current. It definitely has to be durable and with two USB-ports to be truly universal.

Car Charger Reviews

Anglink 200W Power Inverter

This slim power inverter, converter and charger packs two AC outlets (115V), two USB ports, and one cigarette lighter socket. It can charge a laptop and mobile phones simultaneously without overheating or overloading. read more