Best Windshield Wipers

How are windshield wipers become life-saving devices? The best windshield wipers help keep optimum windshield clarity and road visibility while driving under a variety of weather conditions.

The type of windshield wiper assemblies needs to be perfectly suited for your car. They should be durable and easy enough to install even in bad weather.

Windshield Wipers Reviews

Bosch 24A ICON

These bracket less wiper blades are manufactured by Bosch. Absence of hinges or brackets creates improved performance and design. Pressure is distributed more uniformly along the entire blade length.

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Rain-X 5079281-1 Latitude

These wiper blades from Rain-X have no exposed metal parts to discourage snow and ice build-up. The rubber blades are made of specially blended graphite for chatter-free, smooth wipe.

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Bosch 26-CA / 3397006510E7W Clear Advantage Beam

Bosch created this wiper blade and incorporated a precision-tensioned spring for uniform pressure along the length of the blade. The wind spoiler is aerodynamic, thereby improving airflow.

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Valeo 900221B Frameless OE 

Valeo created this wiper blade to be aerodynamic for top performance at high speeds. This blade is created with the advanced Tec3 rubber technology for quiet wiping action.

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Michelin 8520 Stealth

This windshield wiper blade from Michelin features the Smart Hinge joints for more secure grip to the windshield. Independent suspension at the ends of the blade allows for adjustment to the windshield’s shape.

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PIAA 95055 Super Silicone

The silicone rubber of this wiper blade from PIAA is patented for resistance against UV damage and wear from sunlight exposure. The frame is aerodynamic for streak-free and quiet wiping.

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Rain-X 5079272-2 Latitude

Rain-X created this wiper blade with a water-repellent coating. It is created using the beam-style advanced blade technology for a streak-free wipe. It performs well in all weather conditions.

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PIAA 97055 Si-Tech Silicone

From PIAA is a frameless wiper for al-season performance. The Si-Tech modern design delivers streak-free, chatter-free wiping action. The silicone rubber is patented for water-repellent action.

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Champion Wipers CH-20-M Beam

These wiper blades created by Champion comes with an advanced spoiler design. Its low profile design is aerodynamic, preventing wind lift and noise. The high-grade rubber is a blend of natural and synthetic materials.

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AutoTex Heavy Duty 74-32 74

This wiper blade from AutoTex is popularly used by Class RVs. The material used is Dura-Tex compression molded, all-natural rubber. This series is an OEM direct replacement.

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Types of Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are vital safety features of every vehicle. It gives you a clearer view of the road during snow and heavy rain, and prevents glare from blinding you when driving.

Buying wipers takes more than just walking into an auto parts store, grabbing a pair of blades and switching them for your old one. You can find several choices – three of the basic ones are as follows:

Traditional Frame-Style Wipers – As the most common type of windshield wiper, it features a metal framework which acts as the mount of the actual wiper. You can find them in most vehicles today.

Premium Beam-Style Wipers – Instead of using a framework, premium wipers feature a one-piece design, which incorporates minimal parts. It involves an enclosed spring-steel band, letting the wiper conform to the curve of the windshield. The design also incorporates double-rubber and silicone technology.

Winter Wipers – These offer drivers a significantly improved functionality during extreme winter weather. Some designs feature a conventional blade enclosed in a rubber shell, allowing the wiper’s framework to remain snow- and ice-free.

Since they perform a demanding task in harsh conditions, windshield wipers have limited service life. Road grime, debris, and dirt can all abrade it, and the sun can break down its rubber edges. A tattered wiper blade can scratch and ruin the windshield, so it is important to replace it immediately.

How to Select a Windshield Wiper

Inspect your wipers periodically. Lift the wiper arms off the windshield glass then run a finger along the rubber edge. Is the rubber chipped or rigid, or does it produce non-stop streaking? If so, then you need to buy new wipers.

Find wiper blades with proven outstanding performance and do an excellent job at keeping the windshield clean. Some cheap wipers can do this task just as well, so there is no reason to go for anything less.

When time has come for replacements, it is best to change wiper blades in pairs. If a blade is worn out, the other one cannot be too far behind.

The service intervals of wiper blades range between six months and one year, depending on the quality of the windshield wiper and your typical driving conditions.

Regardless of how long it has been, as soon as you notice the blades can no longer clean the windshield, or leave behind unclean spots on the glass, it is time to decide on your options.

If your car has rear wipers, don’t forget to check those too. You may not use them as frequently as the front wipers, but they are also exposed to hazardous elements and can break down over time.

How to Replace Windshield Wipers

There are different methods for mounting wiper blades, and using a hook-mount is by far the most popular. Removing and installing hook-mount wiper arms is generally simple. You can do it without any tools.

Simply insert the wiper arm through the hole provided in the blade bridge. Align the adaptor with the hook then press it carefully into place. In some blades, you will hear a “click” once you lock them into their proper places. Otherwise, you have to check thoroughly.

With most wiper blade designs, you can remove and install the blades by hands. However, you may need a screwdriver to pry or press a tab to remove the blades.

In such cases, using a hammer may be a better option, although you need to be extra careful so you won’t inflict any damage to the windshield.

Wiper blade manufacturers include common hardware with their newer blades to allow for proper attachment and function of different wiper arm styles. Some wipers, however, require specific features to work.

Some auto parts stores offer free installation if you buy the wiper blades from them. Otherwise, you may need to pay for the service if you can’t do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Windshield Wipers

When buying new windshield wipers, there are more important considerations than we realize. The type, size, and style are at the top of the list. The price, of course, is another factor to consider.

What size do I need? Windshield wipers come in different sizes, even for the same vehicle. For proper fit, measure the wiper blade manually, ask help from an auto parts store, or check your owner’s manual.

Which connectors do I have? New car models mostly use hook-style blade connectors, which you can easily replace on your own. However, more types of mounts and arms are harder to replace. Consult an auto parts store or your car’s owner’s manual for a more accurate description of the specific connectors you need.

What type of blades came with my car? Many new models originally come with beam-style wipers. These require a replacement with another beam-style blade since the bulkier, conventional frame-style blade may not fit.

Do I need silicone protection? Wiper blades are typically made of rubber, which works great for most drivers. However, many off-roaders now favor the more expensive silicone wipers because the blades can effectively keep heavy dirt and mud at bay. If you’re a road adventurer, silicone wiper blades may also work wonders for you.

Do windshield wipers come with a warranty? New standard wipers often do not come with a warranty, only the high-level silicone wipers do. If a regular rubber wiper came with warranty, it wouldn’t be of much help anyway. Professional tests suggest that even good quality wipers do not usually perform that well after 6 months of usage.