Best Torque Wrench

Ever had to tighten a square drive with a pair of pliers? Use only the best torque wrench for the matching square head and save yourself the trouble of loose fasteners.

Tight spaces will definitely require the ratchet-type torque wrench. Having a set of drive head adaptors makes the variable-drive torque wrench able to turn even the smallest square head.

Torque Wrench Reviews

TEKTON 24335 1/2-Inch Drive Click

Tekton created this torque wrench with a dual-range, high-contrast scale. You can hear and feel a click upon reaching the preset value. The head drivers are reversible in both directions.

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Neiko 03713A Adjustable

Neiko offers this fully reversible torque wrench with unlock and lock adjustment. It delivers high torque using less effort, with options for low torque settings.

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Tooluxe 03703L Beam Style

This torque wrench is made by Tooluxe using hardened steel. Precise settings are possible with its calibrated scale. Both the ½” and the 3/8” anvils are in one wrench.

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Performance Tool M196


Performance Tool created this torque wrench with a patented lock/unlock torque adjusting collar. The torque mechanism uses high grade steel spring. The drive is 25 to 250 inches/lbs.

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GearWrench 2955D Beam

This beam torque wrench is manufactured by GearWrench. The handle is ball type and localizes the force for improved accuracy. Its satin finish reduces the glare on the scale.

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J&R Quality Tools 1/4-Inch Adjustable

J&R Quality Tools used chrome vanadium steel in creating this torque wrench. Precision is machine-calibrated and tested to -/+4%. Torque settings come in a wide range, including hard-to-find low torque.

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Craftsman 9-31425 1/2″ Drive MicroTork

Craftsman offers this Torque wrench with precision of up to +/-4%. Torque settings are seen on the scale stamped into the housing. Settings are in inch/metric.

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Performance Tool M206 Digital

This digital torque adapter comes from Performance Tool. It has 2 adapters for ¼” and 3/8” inch drive. The range is between 30 and 150 ft./lb.

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Brown Line Metal Works BLD0212

Brown Line Metal Works created this digital torque wrench equipped with patent-pending technologies, such as the double-gear sensing system. The non-slip over-mold grip is soft-touch and comfortable.

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Capri Tools 31007

This torque wrench is made by Capri Tools using chrome vanadium steel in matte finish. The scale is high contrast for easy visibility especially in low light conditions.

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Types of Torque Wrenches

Beam Wrench – It is a simple type of wrench with an elastic lever arm, allowing the torque wrench to bend slightly when you apply pressure.

Click Wrench – This type of torque wrench can be preset using clutch mechanism. It is made with a high precision design to prevent the tool from overstretching to the point of breakage.

Deflecting Beam Wrench – A deflecting beam wrench offers better safety and high accuracy when working with extreme levels of pressure. It emits a sound once you reach the required degree of torque.

Electronic Torque Wrench – It is programmable and has preset limits that determine the level of torque. It also has a small memory chip in which readings are saved.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench – This is specifically designed to apply torque onto a fastener. A bolt or nut head receives the pressure and the pre-adjusted torque assists in tightening it.

Plumber’s Wrench – This is mainly designed for soil pipelines. It has a T-shaped handle, which is comparable to a ratchet and it slips when the required amount of torque is reached.

Advantages of Having a Torque Wrench

Precision tools, such as torque wrenches, are important components of every car owner’s toolkit. With these tools, you can tighten the assembly of car parts to a specific extent and avoid problems in their function.

A torque wrench measures the amount of load, force, or tension applied on threaded fasteners in an assembly. It assists in achieving the appropriate fastening torque promptly and correctly.

Torque wrenches operate smoothly and safely with minimal effort. Properly torqued fasteners remain tight during operations or vibrations that may occur, and save your car from severe damages.

Poorly torqued fasteners or inadequate tightening is more likely to fail during operation because of high strain or vibrations. This may lead to premature failures and more serious problems.

To avoid such problems, you need good precision or torque tools. Engineers have now crafted torque wrenches to apply the required level of torque during parts assembly appropriately.

While every brand’s wrench has the same principle in operation, they differ in size, style, length, durability and price. It is important to know the factors to consider to get a torque wrench, which best suits your repair needs.

How to Select a Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is an essential tool for serious home mechanics. It allows you to tighten up nuts, bolts and screws in your car to the most suitable foot-pounds setting.

However, before rushing out to get the most expensive or cheapest torque wrench in the store, read the following tips and consider them when buying.

Accuracy – Choose a torque wrench with a rating of less than (+/-) 5% accuracy in foot-pounds settings. You can now find better quality torque wrenches with a tolerance of about (+/-) 2% inaccuracy.

Quality – Do not fall for the fancy devices like digital or LED torque wrenches. These gadgets may be nice, but it’s still more practical to get a durable, well-crafted torque wrench, which provides the same level of accuracy.

Frequency of Use – If you’ll be using the wrench only for occasional home or car repairs, you do not necessarily have to buy highly expensive, professional models. Get a standard yet heavy-duty torque wrench and save yourself some money.

Storage Case – Torque tools often come with a storage case. This is important in maintaining the longevity and accuracy of any precision tool. If your torque wrench doesn’t come with a case, make sure to buy one.

How to Use a Torque Wrench

Setting the Wrench – Torque wrenches have a dial through which you can set the pressure required to tighten a bolt or nut. To know the pressure you need to set the wrench to, check the manufacturer’s manual of that specific device you’re trying to reassemble.

If you don’t have a manual, you may search the internet for the recommended settings and use them as your guideline. If you own a click-type wrench, it will give an indication of when you should stop tightening.

Tightening Nuts – When the assembly you’re working on has two or more nuts to tighten, it is better not to tighten them all at one go. Instead, do the tightening in at least three steps.

Start by working the nuts to 50% tightness then to 75%. When all the nuts are 75% tightened, work them all to the final 100%. This technique is necessary to ensure proper fit of the assembly.

If you completely tighten the sides one by one, the assembly may fit loosely, causing serious troubles later on. Also, once the nut has been tightened to the recommended pressure, stop tightening it further.

Care to Take – As with any precision tool, a torque wrench should be cared for properly. Before putting it away, make sure to set it back to zero. If you’re uncertain about your wrench, have it recalibrated so that you’re sure of its settings.