Best LED Headlights

Thinking of the long drives and dark nights ahead simply makes you want to have brighter driving lights. The best LED headlights easily brighten your way for less wattage.

Ideal LED headlights will need to be extremely weather-proof. They should be durable and will last for at least 30,000 hours. They should also create the least amount of internal heat.

LED Headlights Reviews

OPT7 LED Headlight Bulbs

From OPT7 comes an LED headlight emitting clear white 6000K light at 3,500LMS per bulb. It uses Arc-Beam and CREE MK_R LED technology for clear, spot-free and no-fog lighting.

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HOSHI LED Headlights

This extremely clear, bright 6000k true white light is developed by Hoshi. It is equipped with Japanese-made internal moving parts and cooling system. It does not need dust cover.

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Kensun Car LED Headlight Bulbs

These easy, plug-n-play car LED headlights manufactured by Kensun are super-bright. It has heat-protected CREE-LED chips. It is equipped with integrated fan and cooling chip for heat dissipation.

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All-in-One 360° LED Headlights

This easy-to-install, energy-efficient LED headlights made by Star K is available in cool white, at 6000K, 8,000 lumens. The light beam is at 360° with no dark spots.

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Starnill LED Headlight Conversion Kit

At 40W per bulb, this LEAD headlight from Starnill emits light at 360°. It can easily replace traditional halogen and HID xenon lamps. It is rated IP65 waterproof, with high vibration/shock resistance.

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Sunpie LED Projection Headlight Kit

Sunpie sells this updated LED headlamp assembly for Jeep and similar vehicles. It has both high beam (3600LM) and low beam (1800LM) lights, at 40W per bulb.

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LED import USA 9006 HB4 LED CREE Headlight Kit

This 6000K pure white LED light at 3600LM/bulb manufactured by LED Import USA can last more than 50,000 hours. It has a cooling fan that works even in extreme conditions.

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SNGL LED Headlight Bulbs

This is the brightest LED headlight from SNGL. It is equipped with patented adjustable focus length and LUMILEDS LUXEON MZ LED technology. It also has anti-glare features.

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LED CREE H11 H9 H8 Headlight Bulbs Kit

Led Import USA offers this pure 6000k white light at pure 6000k 3,600LMS/bulb. It has 2 pieces CREE chips.It contains aluminum alloy for better heat dissipation.

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Automotive LED Headlight Bulbs

Spec-D Tuning developed this LED headlight with Autovizion to produce clear beams without fogginess or dark spots. It is CANBUS-ready and compatible with any central processing unit.

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Advantages of Using the Best LED Headlights

LED lights are increasingly being used as headlights and taillights. One of the reasons is that LED headlights utilize around 75% less energy than conventional halogen lights.

Long-Lasting – LED lights are rated to last for about 30,000 hours, as compared to halogen lamps’ average 6,000-hour lifespan. LED lights also remain cooler than halogen lamps.

Stylish Looks – LED lights convey a more contemporary and sharper appearance on your vehicle. Their diodes can also create light (including infrared or ultraviolet) in various colors.

Brighter – Non-glare LED lights normally illuminate a wider area than any other headlights. Whether you drive in inclement weather or in the dark, brighter light can help ensure your safety.

Easy Maintenance – They cost less to replace and are far easier to maintain than conventional lights. Why? They don’t easily burn out. They normally don’t need replacement unless they’re accidentally broken.

While you may initially have to pay more for LED lights, the end result is that you save more money for the long term, thus, having one can be an advantage for you.

How to Select the Best LED Headlights?

Before purchasing your headlights, you need to consider a few factors. While the LED concept may be similar among headlight manufacturers, their products may vary slightly.

Color – People choose LED lights over the others because LEDs come in various colors. The colored lights are due to the materials they are made of. For example, white lights are made of Yttrium aluminum garnet.

Safety – You should know that LED lights are not legal in certain areas, thus, check on a region’s particular laws before buying. Also, purchase lights from a manufacturer who follows headlight industry standards.

Types – Various kinds of LED lights are sold in the market. Certain options that buyers may want to think about are bright headlights and day-running lights. Also, search for those with several brightness options.

Styles – The different LED light styles offer drivers the opportunity to spruce up their cars. LED lights in luxury cars have a pleasant look and a clean-looking beam. They also come in various finishes and lens colors.

Size – LED headlights come in different sizes. As a buyer, you need to determine the headlight size you need. Returning them to the seller due to poor fit is needless, and can be avoided by choosing the right size beforehand.

How LED Headlights Work

LED lights are just relatively recently used in vehicles, so it’s a good idea to know how they work. They work through the conversion of electric power into light by one or several diodes within the particular headlight.

The process emits a bright light, which is comparable to HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting. LED lights also produce light that’s more superior to traditional headlamps’ light at a fraction of the cost of consumption.

The light-emitting process, therefore, saves on long-term maintenance and fuel costs as heat is not created in the process. LEDs are 90% more energy-efficient than halogen lights, which create heat while glowing.

LED lights usually produce a less clinical and warmer light than their HID counterparts, which is the reason why people choose LEDs over HIDs. LED lights are also ‘non-blinding.’

The quality of light LEDs produce is different from HID xenon lights. While LED lamps still present good visibility situations for the driver, they emit light that is non-invasive for drivers at the other side of the road.

LED headlights are now considered by many drivers as the light emitted is brighter than the average filament bulb. Plus, they can also be advantageous over HIDs or halogen bulbs, both of which give an irritating glare to oncoming traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Headlights

Do LEDs have heavy or hazardous metals? They don’t contain mercury or other hazardous chemicals or materials. If your LEDs stop working, you don’t need to worry about special or costly disposal procedures.

Will illumination decrease over the LED bulb’s life? Your LEDs’ light levels decrease as they near the end of the normal operating cycle. However, the process is gradual and not noticeable.

Why do certain LEDs fail? Heat is one reason for LED failure. With good design, however, you can come up with a fixture or light that can stand up to higher heat environments.

What are the LED bulbs’ sizes? LED bulbs are smaller than the average HID or halogen light. Despite their small size, LED bulbs pack a lot of punch.

What color temperatures are available? LED bulbs come in various colors, with the most common in the 2700K (warm) to 7500K (cool) range. The yellow tones are warmer lights while the more blue tones are cooler lights.

Is it possible to use LEDs outside? You can use them outside, as most bulbs come with water-proof fittings. There are also those that need to be enclosed in a fixture that is water-tight