Best Jack Stands

How do you make sure you are safe from getting crushed under your jack-raised car? Use the best jack stands for that safe and hesitation-free under-carriage servicing.

Besides making sure that the jack stand is rated to lift more than the weight of your car, it must be corrosion-proof and has double-pin locking for that reliable catch.

Jack Stands Reviews

Torin T46002A

This pair of jack stands from Torin can support up to six tons and feature a self-locking ratchet handle for safety, while the wide-set feet provide stability.

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Powerzone 380037

This heavy-duty jack stand set from Milestone tools has a 6 ton rated capacity and can lift up to 23.5 inches, while the locking ratchet allows for easy height adjustment.

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Omega 32066

These heavy-duty jack stands have an auto-lift feature that allows you to work them with only one hand. The pawl is also counter-weighted to ensure the ratchet locks securely.

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Powerbuilt 647529

This jack stand set from Alltrade features ten height settings that can lift from 13 inches to 20.25 inches. Its legs provide the utmost stability through a wide, four-point stance.

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Sunex 1310

This heavy-duty Sunex jack stand set is a good choice for people with larger vehicles, since its rated capacity is ten tons. Its heavy support sup provides the utmost stability.

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Torin T43004

These lightweight but sturdy jack stands from Torin feature an oversized cast aluminum base to provide stability during use. It has a three-ton rated capacity and maximum lift of fifteen inches.

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Arcan AJS3T

This very lightweight jack stand set from Arcan weighs less than 11 oz each and can lift up to three tons. The maximum lifting height is 16.5-inches.

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OTC 1780

This solid jack stand set from OTC features a flat base with sufficient support area to accept heavy loads without sinking. It has a 22 ton lifting capacity.

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Hein-Werner HW93506

This jack stand set from Hein-Werner features a handle that also acts as a saddle column release. It has maximum lift of twenty-five inches and a 6-ton capacity.

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ATD Tools 7446

This basic jack stand set from ATD is a good choice for everyday use. It has a lifting capacity of six tons and a maximum lifting height of twenty-four inches.

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How Jack Stands are Rated?

A jack stand is a tripod or tower, which temporarily supports the weight of an elevated car. It comes in various types and is typically categorized by weight and height.

Jack stands are essential tools for emergency roadside situations and large mechanic projects. They are typically rated based on their weight capacity, lift height, adjustability and material used.

Weight Capacity – Jack stands are usually rated by how many tons they can support. They range from half a ton to more than 25 tons.

Lift Height – The usual adjustable height for jacks is 13 to 21 inches, supporting 3 tons of weight. Stand height can reach up to more than 6 feet.

Adjustability – Some jacks use a center column for adjusting height and others use steel pins that are introduced into holes. Some also require turning the center column to achieve the desired height.

Material – Small jack stands are made of either light steel or aluminum, while heavier stands are often crafted from either heavy steel or cast iron.

How to Select Jack Stands

When buying jack stands, the first thing to consider is the type of vehicle you will be working on. The lift height and weight capacity of the stands must be sufficient for the intended vehicle.

Consider the weight and ground clearance of your car and get jack stands that are either short or tall enough to conform to your car’s specifications.

Another important factor to consider is the build quality of the tool. It is always better to buy nice, sturdy tools that last for a long time than get cheap ones that will only cost you more money in the long run.

The main differences when it comes to build quality of jack stands are their fitting, finish and resistance to corrosion. Using rusty jack stands is no good and the rust can compromise its quality over time.

Get a jack stand, which is even and smooth, and has maximum coverage. If you notice any crack or gap in its surface, it is unlikely to last long.

The welds should also be even. If the weld appears to be rolled onto the stand’s structure, it is most probably not a clean weld. Move on to the next selection instead.

How to Jack Up your Car Using Jack Stands?

To use a jack stand, first find a flat, level workspace. Jacking up your car on an uneven or inclined surface can be extremely unsafe. Also, the area under the car must be firmly supported and correctly paved.

Determine your car’s curb weight and make sure the stands you’re using are appropriate for that weight. Set your car’s parking brake to prevent it from rolling away while you’re at work.

Lift your car using a floor jack. Remember to use stands only on concrete or any solid surface. Do not use them on soil, hot asphalt or wet ground as the weight of your car may cause them to sink under the surface.

Next, install the jack stand under a structural part of your car’s frame. If you’re unsure where that’s located, consult your car’s owner’s manual. Do not place the stand under any moving part like a component of the car’s suspension.

Take out the first jack and do the same procedure for the other side of the car. Use at least 2 jack stands of similar height so the car is equally supported.

After placing the jack stands, push your car to check if it shakes or moves. If it does, reorient the stands until it is stable. You may add back-up safety objects for added security.

Tips on Using Jack Stands

Your safety should be the primary priority whenever you’re working on the car. The most obvious and essential way to ensure safety is to use high-quality jacks and stands.

Never trust floor jacks to support the car by themselves. Always be on the safe side and use jack stands. Place a jack stand on each wheel, which does not touch the floor. This is useful in maintaining stability.

Position the stands using the correct lifting points on the car. These points are usually referred to as jacking points or jack points. The information regarding location of lift points is provided in the owner’s manual.

If you lost the manual or don’t have it with you, you may also search it online. Failure to use correct lift points may lead to damage or cause your vehicle to fall.

For additional safety, place blocks of hardwood or a spare tire under the vehicle. In case your car slips or falls, these objects will catch it.

Never use bricks or concrete blocks as your back-up safety objects. These items are not reliable as they can easily crumble under the car’s weight.