Best Garage Workbench

How do you keep your garage workspace clutter free? Having the best garage workbench may just be the solution to your concerns with regards to workspace organization.

Whether you build your own workbench or buy it pre-built, you will want it to be made of durable material. Adjustable leg heights, lighting options, and tool-attachment points should keep you working safely and efficiently.

Garage Workbench Reviews

Keter 17182239 Folding Workbench

This folding work table designed by Keter is portable and suitable for all purposes. It is lightweight andcan hold up to 1000 pounds. It comes with 2 removable 12-inch clamps.

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Black & Decker WM425 Portable Work Bench

Black & Decker’s worktable can easily be transformed into a bench tool stand or a spacious workbench. It is equipped with an advanced 1-handed clamp system in exclusive clutch design.

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BenchPro RPB2448 Roosevelt Garage Work Bench

BenchPro equipped this garage workbench with HD particle board table top and 13-gauge heavy-duty steel body. The steel frame has a powder-coat finish for corrosion- and chemical-resistance.

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GHP Black Steel Frame Work Bench

Globe House Products created this workbench with durable MDF and solid steel frame construction. It has a large storage capacity with its 2 roll-out drawers. It has a sturdy pegboard for holding smaller tools.

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Garage Workbench from WORKPR

This sturdy workbench built by WORKPR is made of solid stainless steel frame with attached particleboard extension. The workbench has cut-out holes for wire maintenance and for organizing smaller tools.

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UltraHD Lighted Workcenter

Seville Classics built this lighted workbench using a heavy-duty powder-coated, rust-resistant steel frame. The workspace is made tough beech wood. It has a power strip and fluorescent light fixture.

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Seville Classics Lighted Hardwood Top Workbench

This Seville Classic’s workbench comes with a work surface made of durable 1.5” beech wood. This has cantilevered shelves, 23-count hook set and pegboard for various organizing and storage needs.

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DIY Custom Workbench

This is a custom workbench from USA. It can be built up to 8 feet-long and 36-inch high. This kit comes with Shelf Links that can support up to 400kg (1000lbs) weight.

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BenchPro EPB2469 Eisenhower Garage Work Table

BenchPro built this garage worktable made of steel frame topped with a sturdy particleboard. The dimensions of this worktable are 24 inches x 69 inches, with a 1000-pound capacity.

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Gas Monkey Garage GMGCA40X11 Workstation

This Gas Monkey garage workstation comes with a tool cabinet. The work surface is made of stainless steel frame. The ball-bearing drawers easily slide even when full to its 75-lb. capacity.

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How to Select the Best Garage Workbench

The best garage workbench is the heart of any garage or workshop. If you are getting or building one, keep in mind a few tips to help you pick or build the best workbench.

Height – Choose a workbench with a height, which provides you comfort while standing. Make sure your bench is high enough to accommodate a stool and your thighs while you sit.

Location – The location in your garage can help you determine which workbench to buy. The most logical location is to position the workbench on the wall, which is closest to your house, as it saves on electrical wiring.

Under and Beside the Bench – Choose a workbench with a slide drawer to let you have easy access to frequently used items. The drawer/s also helps keep the work surface clutter-free.

Cabinets and Shelving – Many workbenches come with open shelving. You can add cabinet doors to give the bench an organized appearance. Cabinets also provide you with more storage space.

The garage workbench can help you organize your workshop or garage. It can also give you a good working surface for your DIY projects. Moreover, a good workbench can help you save time.

Types of Garage Workbenches

Several designs are available for garage workbenches. You can choose a simple bench with metal legs and a wood tabletop, or a simple bench with drawers underneath. You can also find a more complex bench with cabinets and shelving.

Whatever the kind of bench you use, an important consideration may be the kind of workbench top. Some of the choices are stainless steel, laminate top, butcher block and gauge sheet steel.

Stainless Steel – This is ideal for users who need a heavy-duty surface, which is long-lasting, tough, low-maintenance and non-porous. The relatively expensive stainless steel can give at least 10 years of service.

Laminate Top – Such tops are glued on a wood core board and epoxy glass-coated. There are various designs and colors like beige, oak, black, white, or granite.

Butcher Block – Wooden block tops are made of hard maple strips glued together and finished with low-maintenance acrylic, which enhances the wood’s natural color. Butcher block tops can be customized to your specifications.

Gauge Sheet Steel – All you need to keep this worktop clean is a wipe-down. The steel’s external edges are polished, and the sheet is glued to plywood. Its treated surface prevents rust.

Tips to Use the Garage Workbench

You can improve the productivity in your garage with the right workbench and proper organization of your tools within the surroundings. Providing a place for important stuff keeps you from needlessly buying duplicate items. Other tips to consider are:

A slot or peg board – You can place this above the workbench, so you can hang your tools. It also helps in customizing hanging space as you throw away old items or get new ones.

Organizing nails and screws – Canisters with magnets can help organize small yet important items. Place these canisters in a strategic garage workbench corner that you can easily access.

Use space under workbench – The space under the workbench should not go to waste. Shelving under the workbench surface can store items like grinders or drills.

Drawers – Plastic drawers can help you maximize the way you use the garage workbench. You can use the drawers to keep small nails and screws. You can also use them in storing putty and glue.

Toolboxes – A toolbox can help organize your workbench. Toolboxes have different slots to keep your equipment, plus they can be closed. If you’re not working, at least your area will look organized with handy storage like toolboxes and drawers.

How is the Garage Workbench Made?

As there are many kinds of garage workbenches, there are various procedures to make them. Some of the materials needed to make them include: decking timber, MDF (medium density fiberboard), wood for retaining & framing, and screws.

The legs are cut to the right lengths with an ideal height of 900mm. The next step is the framing. Once the frame is done, the diagonals are measured to ensure a square frame before mounting the top boards.

The support rails are then added. The distance between the rails is measured. The rails are then screwed in place. However, the holes must first be pre-drilled.

Shelving is usually added for the workbench to provide more storage as well have an organized look. After adding the shelves, the garage workbench is nearly complete.

Planks are then positioned on top of the frame. A sash clamp is used to secure together the planks. A bench vise is also used fasten the planks onto the rails.

Screws should then be used to secure the planks. After ensuring that the newly built garage workbench is steady, it’s ready for use. You can pair the bench with a suitable work stool.