Best Engine Degreaser

How do you clean the engine without having to snag your fingers in every greasy nook and cranny? Use the best engine degreaser and rediscover that squeaky clean machine.

Foam or gel, you will want the engine degreaser to be easy to wash off without having to scrub it off. This means no acid-burns after the spray-application.

Engine Degreaser Reviews

Grand Slam – One Gallon

This versatile degreaser from Grand Slam can be used not only on engines, but also surfaces like floors. It won’t hurt painted surfaces and can be easily washed off.

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Meguiar’s D10801 – One Gallon

This degreaser from Meguiar’s is a fast-acting spray on and wipe off solution. It leaves behind no unpleasant residue stains after use, and has a nice pine fragrance.

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Simple Green 19024 – 24 Oz.

This degreaser from Simple Green is designed for use in industrial and other settings that need a fragrance-free solution. It is safe to use since it is non-flammable and non-toxic.

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Auto-Chem Professional – 33.8 Oz.

This all-purpose degreaser from Auto-Chem Direct works not only on exterior surfaces such as engines, but also for the upholstery and other interior surfaces. It can also be used as a household cleaning solution.

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Oil Eater AOD1G35437 – One Gallon

This water-based degreaser from Oil Eater is designed to be safe for all uses, with no harsh solvents. It can even be used on septic tanks since it is biodegradable.

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Blue Eagle 8-52281-00314-6 GA-2800 – 1 Gallon

This industrial strength degreaser from Blue Eagle is designed to decontaminate outdoor areas by removing petroleum-based contaminants. It is non-toxic not only for people but also plants and animals.

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Super Clean Degreaser – 1 Gallon

This degreaser from FoxPrint is ideal for use in households or professional settings. You can use it pure for tough stains and then concentrate it with water for lighter cleaning.

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Simple Green 19010 20oz Aerosol Can

This Simple Green degreaser is offered in aerosol can form so it can be conveniently applied to inaccessible areas. The foaming action loosens encrusted grease and dirt.

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Raceclean Cleaner – 1 Gallon

This concentrated degreaser from Raceclean is safe for cleaning all metal surfaces including aluminum and has no solvents or volatile compounds. It is particularly formulated, however, to boost tire performance.

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Griot’s Garage 10959 – 35 Oz.

This degreaser from Griot’s Garage is ideal for cleaning engines since its mild formula helps prevent damage. It is also good for preparing surfaces for waxing or dressing.

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Types of Engine Degreaser

Engine degreasers are cleaning products used by auto mechanics to remove grime and grease from engines. They are available in both small- and large-volume cans and in the form of either aerosol spray or foam.

Engine degreasers come in two types – solvent-based and water-based. Choosing a degreaser usually depends on the location of the motor in the vehicle and the type of engine that needs cleaning.

Solvent-based degreasers – often work better and take out grease faster than water-based type. You won’t have to scrub anymore; the formula reacts with the dirt and removes it quickly, but this type generally smells bad.

Water-based degreasers – do not emit bad smell as solvent-based formula does, but they aren’t as effective as the latter at dissolving and eliminating dirt and grease.

Nonetheless, some all-purpose water-based degreaser brands work pretty well. You can use them not only on engines, but also on other surfaces, like garage floors, exhaust hood, workbench, asphalt, tools, steel, machinery, and bike chains.

The chemicals present in a regular engine degreaser can be hazardous to humans, particularly to the eyes, lungs and skin. Therefore, safety precautions must be taken when using these products.

How to Clean an Engine with a Degreaser

Degreasing engine parts is a simple process. It only requires a good engine degreaser and regular water hose. For protection, wear safety equipment such as gloves, face mask and eye protection.

First, spray the chemical on the engine areas where there is a build-up of grease. Leave the chemical on and allow it to loosen the dirt and oil on the motor.

After foaming for a few minutes, spray the motor with water to remove the oil and grime from the surface of the metal. Be careful not to be splashed.

Single-can degreasers usually include a straw nozzle, which lessens the fumes caused by the spraying of the chemical. With this straw device, you can spray the degreaser onto the engine more easily.

Keep in mind that engine degreasers are extremely flammable. As such, use them in cool, well-ventilated areas with no sparks and electricity. Better yet, do it in the open air.

If these products cause a fire, treat it as a chemical fire. You can use foam extinguishers or dry powder to snuff it out.

Tips on Using Engine Degreasers

The number one tip is to use the best engine degreaser. Many well-known and trusted brands in the market offer effective products for reasonable prices.

Besides the price, check the chemical elements present in the cleaning product you’re buying. The best degreaser does all the dirty work and requires minimal human effort, giving you more time to work on other important tasks.

Since degreasers typically work better when they’re warm, start the car engine first and let it heat up for a few minutes. Turn it off then start cleaning.

Protect the electrical parts of the car by covering them with plastic. Place a large pan or absorbent mats underneath the engine to catch and soak up toxic engine run-off.

When cleaning, make sure to apply the chemical to all the dirty areas of the engine. Agitate these areas excessively and leave no grimy spots behind.

Use a leaf blower to blow off excess water. Afterwards, start the engine and let it reach the standard operating temperature. You may also apply an engine dressing if you desire.

Reasons to Have the Best Engine Degreaser

Using engine degreasers is necessary in keeping your engine clean and in tip-top shape. Aside from aesthetic reasons, keeping your engine dirt-free ensures proper functioning and smooth driving.

If your engine is clean, it is also easier to find leaks and worn-out belts and avoid engine rust. Oil leak is one of the primary causes of dust and grease accumulation on the engine.

Engine degreasers lift the dirt from metal surfaces by activating a chemical reaction with the grime and dirt on the motor. Most single-can degreasers are reasonably priced and contain sufficient amount to clean an entire engine.

Nowadays, environment-friendly engine degreasers are available in the market. These cleaning products are usually made with organic materials, making them less harmful to humans and the environment.

In addition, if you’re using the best engine degreaser, you won’t need to scrub the surfaces by hand as the chemicals in the product already do all the work.

All you need to do is spray the degreaser onto the motor, let it stand for a few minutes and hose it down. It’s simple and does not take much of your time.