Best Car Carpet Cleaner

How do you clean your car carpet? Using the best car carpet cleaner will definitely keep you focused on driving rather than worrying about carpet cleaning.

In foam or spray form, you still need to match the car carpet cleaner to the type of carpet you use. While vacuuming minimizes visible dirt, choose the carpet cleaner that takes away stains and microbes while staying environment-friendly.

Car Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Hoover AH30330

This carpet cleaner + deodorizer manufactured by Hoover comes with twice the concentration  of active ingredients compared to regular cleaners. This biodegradable and non-toxic cleaner can be used for car interiors and various rugs and carpets.

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BlueMagic 900

This carpet spot and stain lifter created by Blue Magic can be used for cleaning carpets in automobiles and homes. It works on new and old stains, both oil-based and water-based.

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Very Dirty Carpet Cleaning Solution

This cleaning solution for carpets and upholstery was developed by Very Dirty Carpets. It is bleach-free and enzyme-free. It is safe for use on car carpets and auto interiors.

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BISSELL Stain Pretreat

This pretreatment solution for upholstery and carpet is manufactured by Bissell. It deeply penetrates stains and dirt on carpets and car interiors, loosening these for better removal.

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BISSELL 7786A SpotClean

Bissell formulated this auto carpet cleaner for use on car mats, liners and upholstered seats. It comes with Heatwave Technology® for maintaining water temperature during cleaning.

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Black & Decker BDH1200FVAV 12V

Clean debris, dirt and dust inside your vehicle with this Black & Decker automotive vacuum. This cleans hard-to-reach areas through cyclonic action and “motor-in-the-filter” patented technology.

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Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner

This handheld car vacuum is manufactured by Hikeren. It supports wet, dry, and combination applications. It removes dust in car carpet and seats. It also cleans and absorbs spilled liquids.

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Greenwald’s Carpet, Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner

This carpet cleaning solution developed by Greenwald’s is effective on spots and stains oncar seats, carpets, upholstery and fabrics. It works on both oil-based and water-based stains.

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Scotchgard Stain Remover

Scotchgard offers this auto carpet stain and spot remover that comes with the authentic Scotchgard™ Protector. It does not leave any sticky residue and is ideal for salt stains.

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Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum

This handheld vacuum built by Eureka cleans car interiors. It comes with a motored revolving brush and a second motor working for suction. It has an on/off switch for the brush roll.

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How to Select the Best Car Carpet Cleaner

Choosing the best car carpet cleaner is important as you get to spend a lot of time in your car. You may spill drink or food. Your car may even contain other stains like oil or blood.

When you want your vehicle’s carpet or upholstery to be as clean as possible, choose a professional-grade cleaner. Know a few considerations before getting the right carpet cleaner.

Level of Cleanliness – Choose a cleaner, which can deeply scrub what has seeped into your carpet. You may opt for a conventional one to rid carpets of sand or shoe dirt tracked inside.

You may need a more intense carpet cleaner to get out difficult stains like dried wine or blood. Such cleaner may also get rid of smells brought in by fertilizer or fishing equipment.

Safety for Children or Pets – If children or pets are your frequent passengers, choose a safe carpet cleaner. You don’t want your younger passengers to touch residue or breath substances left by harsh carpet cleaners.

Availability and Reliability – When you need to clean your vehicle’s carpets, and you are out of cleaning solutions, you may need to head to your nearest hardware store and get that cleaner. Make sure the cleaner is readily available.

How to Use a Car Carpet Cleaner

Before cleaning your car carpets, you need some tools to get your started. Prepare clean cloths, garbage bags, a scrub brush, and a bucket or spray bottle of water. Also, keep your car carpet and vacuum cleaner handy.

Carpet cleaners that also come in portable models are meant to wet down a carpet with a mix of water and soap. With a few rotating strokes, scrub down the carpet and vacuum the dirt and water back up.

Clear out Garbage – Before using a carpet cleaner, take out any garbage on the floor. Throw away old newspapers, fast food wrappers, or any other scrap papers. Provide a small trash bin in the backseat.

Vacuum the Floor – After eliminating trash, use a vacuum cleaner to clear debris and interior dirt that you cannot remove by hand. The vacuum cleaner is a simple way to clean car mats or carpets when you need it.

Eliminate Odors – The accumulated dirt may cause your vehicle’s interior to smell. You carpet cleaner can help in getting rid of odors. Alternatively, you can use a thin layer of borax or baking powder before vacuuming.

Remove Stains – Drink and food can stain your carpet. Your cleaner is sufficient enough to do the deep cleaning job. With grease, coffee or blood stains, you may use daily substances like cornmeal, laundry starch or glass cleaner.

Advantages of Using a Car Carpet Cleaner

Car carpet cleaners do not only save you time, they also clean your carpets effectively and safely. The best car one can offer a host of advantages including, but not limited to the following:

Improve your Car’s Air Quality – Car carpet cleaners remove dirt that has penetrated into your carpet. A professional-grade one is potent enough, making it capable of eliminating invisible dry contaminants.

Avoid Mildew and Mold – Often, mold and mildew appear after carpets are left wet, and especially if car windows are not left open for carpets to dry. The best car carpet cleaner helps prevent the occurrence of mold.

Protection – Professional-grade carpet cleaners can protect your carpets from future accidents and stains. Substances in the cleaner can also protect carpets from wear and tear.

Restore Carpets to Original Condition: Aside from removing embedded dirt and stubborn stains, carpet cleaners can also restore your car carpets to their original quality and beauty. Such cleaners may even extend its usable life.

Save Time – Since your carpet cleaner has been formulated to do the job effortlessly, you may find that you have more time to do other things. As you spend less time cleaning, you are less likely to hurt your back.

Tips to Use Car Carpet Cleaners

Your carpets are some of the repositories for stains and dirt. You may spill coffee on your carpet, or you may not have cleaned your car carpets in years. Regardless, there are some cleaning tips you may want to remember.

Concentrate first on debris and dirt – You may track in mud or dirt inside the car, making the floor mats and carpets dirty. Use an air compressor to loosen and eventually remove dirt.

Act immediately – You don’t want any spilled liquid to penetrate your carpet. Before any liquid dries out naturally and stains your carpet, act instantly and use a car carpet cleaner to eliminate any spill.

Clean floor mats – Clean together your car floor mats and carpets. For rubber mats, you only need to wipe them with a damp cloth. For carpeted mats, you can brush and shampoo them.

Go natural – If you’re in doubt, there’s nothing wrong with using natural substances to clean your carpets. You can use a water-dish detergent-vinegar mixture. Couple the mixture with a brush having hard bristles.

Buy high quality cleaning implements -A high quality car carpet cleaner can make your job easier. Plus, pairing it with a soft-bristled brush makes sure that they are gently handled.