Best Air Filter Car

How much clean air does your car engine needs to perform well? The best car air filter will let your engine take in as much clean air as it needs.

Durability goes together with filter efficiency. The type of air filter (whether it is made of paper, foam, or cotton gauze) will have to match to your engine-type.

Air Filter Car Reviews

EPAuto CP134

This air filter effectively produces fresh, clean air in the car. Its active ingredients are activated carbon and soda. This is made for Honda and Acura, but you might have to do a little trimming to fit them in.

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FRAM CF10134 Air Filter

The baking soda and carbon combination used in FRAM car air filters is really effective at keeping dust, pollen and smoke from flowing inside your car. This is ideal if you’re allergic to any of the above.

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FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter

The FRAM Extra Guard air filter is designed to provide twice as much filtering capacity. This means great improvement for your horsepower, plus reduced engine wear. Change the filter after 12,000 miles, as recommended.

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FRAM Tough Guard Air Filter

This car air filter from FRAM has a screen mesh plus a thin, almost negligible but still effective thin coat of oil that traps tiny pollen and dust particles. Changing recommendation is after 12,000 miles.

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K&N 33-2304

What’s great about the K&N High Performance Replacement air filter is that you can rinse it and reuse. The changing recommendation is at 50,000 miles and above. K&N also has this awesome warranty which replaces defective filters for free.

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Premium Guard PC5519

Premium Guard is not a luxury brand, but it’s nevertheless effective at filtering incoming air and sparing your engine and passengers from pollen, dust, and other contaminants. A minor issue: it’s not as stiff as other air filters.

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Ecogard XC36115

Ecoguard is to try and install on your own because it’s designed for the installer’s convenience. It does a great job of improving air quality and keeping particles from engine without costing an arm and a leg.

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WIX 24815 Cabin Air Filter

WIX air filters are made specifically to let clean air circulate inside the car. A filter sheet is easy to install via the glove compartment. WIX filters are a great match for Honda Civic cars.

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Champion CCF7781

The Champion Cabin Air Filter has 22 pleats for optimum filtering, and a carbon component which eliminates odor. Its recommended replacement period is after one year, or roughly equivalent to 12,000 plus miles.

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Kootek 2 Pack Car Cabin Air Filter Replacement

2-packs-in-1 is always an incentive to purchase! The Kootek air cabin filter has no issue with cleaning the air flowing into the cabin. It improves overall airflow, too. Carbon and soda are embedded in the pleats, effectively eliminating odor.

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What is an Air Filter?

Air filters are designed to remove contaminants from the air, which is used in the engine combustion process. Dirty air can hurt your engine’s performance.

When you buy a new car, there are usually paper air filters already installed. However, these are not efficient and you will have to change them before long.

Thus, it is recommended that you replace the paper filter as soon as possible with an aftermarket one. Here is a short guide to the filters available.

The most affordable replacement air filters are called “stock” and designed to fit most cars. They work well for the price and are even washable and reusable.

However, the best filters are those that are washable. If maintained properly, they can last the entire life of your vehicle, saving you money in the long run.

There are two types of washable filters – foam and cotton gauze. Cotton gauze is recommended for cars that frequently drive under dirty conditions since they are made from polyurethane.

If you have a high performance car, you may want to consider custom-made filters. While these are more expensive, they will provide noticeable improvements in mpg and horsepower.

How to Change your Air Filter

If you choose to install a replaceable filter, you will need to check it every few months or after every oil change, or follow the owner’s manual guidelines.

You can easily tell if the filter is too dirty by holding it up to the light. If the light is not clearly visible, it probably needs changing.

Start by opening your engine compartment and locating the filter box. It is usually located on top of or beside the engine with a hose sticking out.

Open the box and remove the filter. Place the new filter in the box, making sure that it fits tightly. Close the box, making sure the lid is snug.

Depending on the make and model of your car, the filter may be enclosed in a rubber gasket housing. Pry it loose and replace the new filter.

For older vehicles, you may hold the filter in place by a wing nut. You will have to loosen it to remove the cover and replace the filter.

How to Clean your Filter

You should clean your filter based on the manufacturer’s recommended mileage. However, you may need to clean more often if you drive under dirty conditions.

You may need to buy a recharging kit if you have an oiled filter. These filters are coated with oil and need to be recoated after cleaning.

If you have a dry filter, you can simply use a vacuum hose to suck out the dirt. Also, make sure to clean the housing.

If you have an oiled filter, spray it with the cleanser from the kit after cleaning. Let it soak for around ten minutes and rinse off.

Once the filter is dry, spray it with filter oil. Make sure to spray all over and then let it sit for a while to absorb the oil.

To help you filter work more efficiently, gas up at stations that have fuel filters. These remove excess debris from the fuel by adding an extra filtering.

Air Filter Buyer’s Guide

When you buy an air filter, you should first read your owner’s manual to determine which type is recommended for your particular make and model.

If you don’t have access to an owner’s manual, then you can go to a dealer and remove the filter. He can recommend a new one that matches.

The next step is to decide if you want a dry or oiled filter. While oiled filters are more efficient, they require additional maintenance work.

If you are willing to do more maintenance work, you should choose a washable filter since this will save you money. Otherwise, buy a good quality disposable one.

Don’t make price the main consideration when buying a filter. Remember a high quality filter will save you more in the long run even if it costs more upfront.

If you are still unsure, ask mechanics and other knowledgeable people as to what filter best suits your car. You can also look for recommendations from authority sites.